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Membership Guidelines 

This website is new and has had some vulnerabilities with being up to date in its legal provisions. One of those provisions is the terms and conditions:

1. If you decide to join my website as a member, then you will be signing up under a website that promotes intellectual banter 
2. Polite etiquette towards others 
3. Avoidance (PRETTY PLEASE) of logical fallacies even though it can be difficult at times to avoid in tense debates
4. Discrimination towards others is offensive and not allowed. I/our members will confer and take a vote on the best course of action. Sometimes, under obvious and downright appalling circumstances, a member will be automatically removed by the owner or proprietor of Scientific Truths, i.e., me.
5. If you ever have a grievance with: the website, the owner, a member, or whatever the problem may be, then you are always free to email me at
6. You are free to cancel your membership at anytime. I would like to know why, but that is up to you, the member/subscriber, if you feel like divulging.
7. Membership is free.
8. I am not currently selling any products or anything right now, but that may change at a later date.
9. These terms and conditions are current, but are always subject to change, which would then compel me to update said conditions accordingly.

Terms: Terms
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Thank you for Reading our Guidelines!

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